Shiny Stuff

“Don’t Wear Shiny Stuff”

This breaks down into at least three categories:

– Large, Shiny Jewelry

Large, shiny jewelry catches the light in pleasing ways in real life, which is one ofits purposes. “Bling”, in other words! That gleam of light is fleeting when you’re moving. But in a portrait, a chance glimmer of light aimed right into the lens can be pretty bright. And permanent.

Sure, your photographer will take lots of pictures. But what if the best shot of the day turns out to have a giant bright spot in it? And if your photographer is not skilled at retouching, that bright flare of light will be in your portrait forever. Best not to risk it in the first place.

Subtle pieces of jewelry are fine, as are non-reflective pieces of jewelry. And since the portrait is all about the people in it—not the jewelry—”small” is better.

– Shiny Noses and Foreheads

Ladies, you probably don’t need to be told about this. Although in the middle of a portrait session, it’s best to pause for a makeup touch-up session, just in case.

But guys, what are you supposed to do? At the very least, bring a cloth handkerchief and wipe your face occasionally (napkins and paper towel might leave lint on your face). If you know ahead of time that you’ll need more serious measures, try bringing some acne cream and applying it to your nose and forehead beforehand. This will dry out your skin and get rid of the shine. Just a little is all that’s necessary, and test beforehand to see if the tinted or regular variety looks best.

Check back for more tips of what NOT to wear to a portrait session. I’ll keep posting them until I run out.

And if you’d like some tips on what you SHOULD wear, contact me (click here) and I’d be happy to send you a list. It’s free, no obligation, and no pressure to ever talk to me again! I just want to make sure that you get a nice print for your walls, that you’ll be proud to display for years. Even if it’s made by another photographer!

– Matt Haines