“Glasses?!? But…I can’t see without my glasses!” you’re thinking. But eyeglasses reflect a lot of light. Light from the camera flash, even light from the sky. All this reflected light makes it harder to see your eyes, and you look washed out. So for the best portrait, you need to solve this problem.

Celebrities buy special no-glare glasses if they’re in front of the camera a lot. But what’s a non-celebrity to do?

First, ask yourself if you can go without your glasses. Perhaps you really can’t see well enough to avoid squinting without them, or perhaps it’s part of your “look”. But if you can take them off for the portraits, that’s the easiest thing to do.

If you must wear glasses, see if you can easily remove the lenses from the frames. Or if not, perhaps you have an old pair you can sacrifice by removing the lenses. Maybe even go to a thrift store and find a pair that are similar, and remove the lenses. In a portrait, a lens-less pair of glasses looks like the real thing.

Finally, there are ways that your photographer can light you so that the glare is minimized, but it’s not perfect. Make sure your photographer has a plan in place if you wear glasses.

Check back for more tips of what NOT to wear to a portrait session. I’ll keep posting them until I run out.

And if you’d like some tips on what you SHOULD wear, contact me (click here) and I’d be happy to send you a list. It’s free, no obligation, and no pressure to ever talk to me again! I just want to make sure that you get a nice print for your walls, that you’ll be proud to display for years. Even if it’s made by another photographer!

– Matt Haines