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What Not To Wear To a Family Portrait Session!

Author’s note: These tips are reprinted from a long-running series I had on craigslist. ©2009 Matt Haines. All rights reserved.

According to extensive research conducted by Dove Medial Press, families who get their portrait’s taken together have stronger bonds.

As a family and children’s portrait photographer, I regularly have to coach my clients on what to wear for their portrait session, and what NOT to wear. It’s part of of the service I provide, and it’s vitally important for a great portrait! What you wear in a great portrait is not the same thing you wear in real life – well not always – and most people appreciate some guidance.

So I thought I’d share with you some things NOT to wear for a portrait. I know there are a lot of inexperienced photographers out there who don’t know what to recommend to their clients, and they just show up hoping that everything works out ok. Since I’ve got the experience, I’d like to share it!